have fun in subspace hell nerds


have fun in subspace hell nerds

So, hey guys. Just dropping by Tumblr real quick because Beau is moving out of my ACNL town.


Trading villagers sounds too complicated — and honestly, I just want Beau to go to a home where someone is stoked about this cute dork. He’s in boxes right now. Anyone want to drop by my town ASAP and take him? (Disclaimer: I got him from a random Streetpass and he doesn’t have much original furniture or his catchphrase left.)

Update: He’s taken!

Gary was looking exceptionally fluffy today, so I HAD to wake him up for a picture.

  1. Camera: iPhone 4S
  2. Aperture: f/2.4
  3. Exposure: 1/15th
  4. Focal Length: 4mm

numboars said: SAME. Tumblr has been making my own personal problems with how I perceive things even WORSE. The attitude it promotes is SUUUPER unhealthy.

Yeah, seriously. :( I get that Tumblr is some people’s safe place, but being a safe place where people vent pretty much inevitably makes a site into a pit of toxicity. Unless we strive for positivity. OH HEY speaking of which there was one thing I wanted to post before I go.

I’m gonna have to take some time off Tumblr.

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i wish everybody would try to spend more time writing about when things go well!

like did you get a cute haircut? please tell and pics!!!

did you do your nails?

did you eat a really good sammich?

cooked something for the first time?

have a cat/dog/any other animal? (animals are so important pics are a must)

did you do well in a test or in  videogames???




dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

so much cute. I cannot. I cannot even.

Best two minutes and fifty three seconds of my day so far 

delcat Asked
Questionum excuse me I think you mean Red VIII Answer


is what I’d say if I were way more agitated on this particular subject. Red VIII? Is that his old username that he hopes no one finds out about? 

delcat Asked
QuestionDude, are you over here pretending you wouldn't bone Sephiroth? That's friggin' adorable. Answer






Everyone bones Sephiroth

It’s inevitable

Actually I was never too into him because I’m a contrary person like that and Vincent and Cid’s angst were more my style but

Personally, I wouldn’t bang Sephiroth because GIANT SWORD THROUGH MY ORGANS isn’t my kink.

That’s… the closest thing to support on this post I can find so I’ll take it & paste it on my blog thx


  • Poké Ball: First introduction to Pokémon
  • Great Ball: Favorite Pokémon game
  • Ultra Ball: Favorite Pokémon type
  • Master Ball: Favorite Legendary Pokémon
  • Safari Ball: A Pokémon you've never caught
  • Level Ball: Highest level Pokémon you've ever raised
  • Lure Ball: Favorite Pokémon you've fished for
  • Moon Ball: In the Pokémon games do you prefer morning or night
  • Friend Ball: Favorite rival/companion
  • Love Ball: Favorite Pokémon
  • Heavy Ball: Least favorite Pokémon
  • Fast Ball: Favorite way to get around in the Pokémon games
  • Sport Ball: Favorite side activity in the Pokémon games (contests, Pokéathlon, etc.)
  • Premier Ball: Favorite shiny Pokémon
  • Repeat Ball: A Pokémon you've raised more than once
  • Timer Ball: Pokémon that's taken you the longest to catch
  • Nest Ball: Favorite Region
  • Net Ball: Favorite Pokémon villains
  • Dive Ball: Favorite water route/area in Pokémon
  • Luxury Ball: If Pokémon were real, would you travel alone or with friends
  • Heal Ball: Favorite Pokémon merchandise
  • Quick Ball: Luckiest Pokémon memory
  • Dusk Ball: Unluckiest Pokémon memory
  • Cherish Ball: Best Pokémon memory
  • Park Ball: Worst Pokémon memory
  • Dream Ball: Dream Pokémon Team